Warranty Policy

Product Warranty

The Company has  products warranty period within 7 days from the date of product’s receipt with evidence for consideration.


Refund Policy

1.The customers cannot request a refund, unless

1.1 The customers have not received complete products, where the Company is unable to deliver in full or the customers do not wish to receive the missing product. The customers will receive a refund of that item at the purchase price.

1.2 The customers did not receive the products by the Company mistake and that the time had passed until the the customers do not wish to receive the products. The customers will receive a full refund of the products cost and shipping cost.

1.3 The customers are allergic to the products and wish to request a refund by providing a medical certificate stating that the allergy is caused by substances in our products. The customers will receive a full refund of the purchase price and shipping costs of the order price.

  1. The Company reserves the right to refund only orders that choose to pay in cash via debit card, transfer payment, scan payment, or cash on delivery.
  2. The Company reserves the right to cancel the promotion that the customers received as appropriate in case of a request for a refund. Such as accumulating points for rewards, using a discount coupon or a special discount on set products, etc.


Return Policy

The company is willing to change the product for the customers with the following conditions:

1.The customers will be responsible for the costs incurred from the return of the product, including;

1.1 Products price difference.

1.2 All shipping costs from the return of the product.

  1. In case that the customers want to change the product model or find an expired product label. Products returned to the company must be in like-new condition, unused or damaged in packaging.
  2. In case that the product is broken and damaged before it reaches customers, the Company is willing to accept returns. However, there must be evidence of opening the parcel box as a video clip that has not been edited only. The product received by the company must be in the same condition.
  3. In case there are problems with the products such as color or unpleasant odor that is different from what it should normally be. The Company is willing to change the product to a new one. Only when find out that it is caused by a manufacturing error by checking products in the same lot to compare.
  4. The company will send new products to the customers after checking the condition of the returned products and has been paid the expenses in item 1 already.

Product insurance claim process

1.Contact the staff via various channels, including

– Web Chat window

– Fill out the contact information on the CONTACT page

– Email: crm@tatcorp.co.th

2.Inform the order number and identify problems encountered.
3. Request for a return / refund.
4.Wait for the staff to submit the transaction to the system for 1 business day.
5.The staff inform the customers to proceed according to the specified conditions.
6.Wait for the products/refund within 14 days after the customers complete the specified conditions.