Plantnery has officially started the “Going Green” project under the concept of #HealthyBeauty, clear skin, no acne and care for sustainable environment. 

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Going Green project is cover from eco-friendly production process until the participation in social responsibility. 


Plantnery’s 7 key commitments

We proceed our work with honesty in order to provide the power of healthy beauty to our customer based on the natural philosophy and balance maintenance.

1. We will select and find the natural beauty power in order to provide the best thing.

2. We commit to create the best product with honesty at a cost-effective price that everyone can utilize the natural beauty.

3. We will support the traditional cultivation that free from impure chemicals from the local expert farmers.

4. We will continue to research, develop and enhance the natural benefits.

5. We will support the eco-friendly design and renewable energy of manufacture, including our supply chain partners.

6. We commit to be an important part of mobilization and development for sustainable conservation of nature.

7. We will commit to continue eco-friendly lifestyle in order to preserve the beauty of nature.
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Plantnery is cruelty-free.

Plantnery brand products are not tested on animals. The products are tested on volunteers who willing to participate in product testing to provide the high quality products and the actual result from the real users. Also, every kind of substances using in our brand is researched by world-class extraction plants. Thus, it can be assured that the substances are safe and supported by the research.
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In 2021, Plantnery cancels the use of shrink film in packaging.

Plantnery cancels the use of shrink film in packaging which the usage rate is 302,000 pieces per year to reduce the use of plastic.
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Plantnery use eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.
What kind of plastic can be recycled?

Today’s brand packaging is Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET), Polypropylene (PP), and Polyethylene (PE). These materials can be recycled and reused for several time. Plus, it is the most widely use recyclable plastic in the world. Plantnery intends to raise awareness about which parts of the brand’s products are recyclable. Furthermore, our brand intends and participates in the screening of recycled materials.