Brand Story
Plantnery which holds the meaning of planted under the light of the first spring.

It is well known that the most fertile plant must be in the appropriate terrain, climate and another important thing is the time of spring has arrived.

This is the time when more than 80% of the world’s plants, which are tropical plants, bloom and bear fruit. Moreover, if the plant is cultivated with special care, gentle sunlight, clean air, fertile moist soil and clean water without impurities. It will be a fully grown plant.

Plantnery is a skincare and beauty products brand made from natural plant extracts. Under the concept of “Natural Effective Beauty”. We select extracts and active ingredients from plants which are specially treated to deliver the power of natural beauty to the healthy skin of billions of people around the world.

Brand Commitments
Plantnery’s 7 Promises

We act with integrity. For the power of healthy beauty to our customers. According to the foundation of the philosophy of nature and balance.

1. We will select and find the power of the best natural beauty.

2. We strive to create the best products with honesty at a cost-effective price that everyone can use natural beauty.

3. We will support the cultivation of crops from farmers and local experts with the traditional organic way without chemical impurity.

4. We will continue to research and develop the benefits of nature.

5. We will support environmentally friendly design. And support the use of renewable energy in manufacturing plants including our entire partner supply chain.

6. We strive to be an important part of driving development for the sustainable conservation of nature.

7. We will strive to live an environmentally friendly way of life to maintain the beautiful nature.

Natural Effective Beauty
Plantnery “We believe in the power of nature to nourish the skin of billions of people”

What is Natural Effective Beauty?

It is the selection of natural raw materials, especially the important active ingredient that we choose plants that are grown in a traditional organic way. It Is suitable for the terrain and climate of that plant which must consist of clean air, fertile succulent soil, clean water without impurities and free from impure chemicals to obtain the plant that will be used as a key ingredient. Then extracted by a special process to obtain a concentrated active compound with widespread research efficiency testing results in order to be the most effective in solving consumer skin problems in each aspect.

For example, in our “Plantnery Tea Tree Acne Care” products.

The key ingredient is Tea Tree Oil, traditionally grown from farms in New South Wales, Australia. And were extracted with a special process resulting in the highest concentration of “Terpinen-4-ol” which helps anti-acne reduce the accumulation of P.Acnes bacteria and reduction of oiliness on the skin which is one of the causes of acne.

Plantnery for all
The philosophy of nature, we believe that humans and nature are one and inseparable.

Rousseau, a 17th century philosopher who created the “Back to nature” theory.

“Return to nature” is the ability to return to freedom of reason and do what he desires without being attached to the boundaries of bondage.

Humans have been taking care of beauty and health by using natural products for over a thousand years. We believe in the beauty of every human being. Beauty in such a way that every human being has the right to choose their own individual beauty.

There is no view of beauty that applies to everyone. Because beauty is a spectacular and unique style.

Plantnery insists on supporting and sticking to the power of Diversity, Equality and Participation of all mankind according to our natural philosophy.

We are committed to product creation and innovation. to be a part of the beauty of nature of diverse people more than a billion people around the world.