Plantnery Cica Centella Ceramide Eye Cream 15 g

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Gentle formula on the skin around the eyes. With natural botanicals CICA Centella, 5 Ceramide Complex, Encapsulated Caffeine.
Solve the problem of dark circles around the eyes from sleeping late. Reduce bags under the eyes, puffy, sagging Strengthen the skin layers Wrinkles look reduced.

Plantery Cica Centella Ceramide Eye Cream
Liquid Crystal Emulsion Construction is formulated like an Intercellular Lipid in our skin which serves as a protective barrier against pollution and stress when circulating the cream into the skin with an applicator.Essential substances in formulas such as Ceramide, Cholesterol and Fatty Acid replace the lipid layers between damaged skin cells with various negative factors, whether it comes from overuse of harsh products to the skin, causing irritation. Or even if the skin has less natural oil production

✓ Rich cream texture for the skin around the eyes. Helps to hold the skin moisturized.
✓ Provides benefits to help restore. Reduce signs of aging around the eyes.
✓ Skin under the eyes that are not tightened and dry skin. Helps dark circles around the eyes to look brighter.
✓ Enhance blood circulation Help Bag under the eyes to collapse.
✓ Increase oxygen to the skin layers Reduce eye fatigue from staring on the phone.
✓ Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin under the skin. Fills wrinkles

Suitable for: People with dark circle problems, bags under the eyes
– Reduce puffiness to the skin under the eyes.
– Brighten the skin under the eyes
– Increase flexibility Reduce the appearance of small wrinkles
– Relieve the skin around the eyes from stress
– Reduce oiliness around the eye skin
– Stimulates collagen and elastin production

Centella Madagascar
Centella Asiatica extract or Centella Asiatica extract is derived from a good cultivation site: Madagascar island that island that is older than 170 million years old and has a rich nature. Centella Asiatica has been known as “Leaf of Life” with the properties of the treatment that derived fromModel to generation Helps reduce the loss of collagen in the skin layers caused by stressed skin (Oxidative Stress) by strengthening the function of TIMPs enzymes, which inhibits MMP-1 enzymes that serve to digest collagen (Collagenase) in Fibroblasts cells resulting in collagen production.

5 Ceramide Complex
5 types of Ceramide Ceramide EOP (1), NS (2), NP (3), AS (5), AP (6) in the skin and are structured AS close to natural ceramides in our skin AS much AS possible. It serves to maintain moisture. Protects skin cells from external harmful effects.The skin is essential for restoring the skin barrier to be healthy, balance, arrange the skin cells well and work effectively. Without ceramide The skin will have dry, itchy and irritated skin.

Ecsl Caffeine & Regu Age
50% concentrated caffeine in capsule form Cyclodextrin gradually releases vital substances into the skin around the eyes for continuous active effect. Reduce dark circl

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