Plantnery Yuzu Lemon Jelly Night Mask 10 g

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Super concentrated Yuzu Orange Extract Mask for smooth and radiant skin.



Jelly Night Mark Extra concentrated Yuzu orange extract New helper urgently replenishes moisture to the skin. For smooth and clear skin Deep care of tired skin

A jelly mark that has been created for skin care. From imported Yuzu orange extract Mix the best vitamin C For smooth and clear skin Take care of the night skin New helpers urgently add moisture to the skin. Directly take care of tired skin deeply

✓Vitamin C Vitamin C concentrated derivatives Has a brightening effect Inhibit the occurrence of melanin pigment
✓Niacinamide reduces dark spots. Nourishes the skin without dryness and softness.
✓Vitamin B5 is an increaser in glutathione levels in cells.
✓Hyaluronate helps add water to the skin. Ready to stimulate collagen to make the skin flexible
✓Witch hazel helps tighten pores. Protect the skin from various pollution.
How to use: Before bedtime, apply Plantnery Yuzu lemon Jelly Night Mask over face and neck. Without having to wash off Can be used as often as needed


Free of substances that cause allergic reactions

✓Alcohol FREE

✓Fragrance FREE

✓Paraben FREE

✓Silicone FREE


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